How to Export Audit Logs from Dynamics 365

One of the most searched topic is how to export Audit logs out of Dynamics 365. Unfortunately there is no out of the box way to export the audit logs. But not all hopes are lost, Dynamics 365 is highly customizable and programmable. So head over to  you’ll see Audit entity messages and methods and you’ll find different messages that will help you develop a custom application to export the Audit logs out of Dynamics 365.

But if you are not sure how to develop a custom application, then you are use one of the free tools XrmToolBox. It’s pretty simple, follow these steps.

  • Go to and download the XrmToolBox
  • Create a Connection
  • Then follow the prompt and create a connection
  • Then click on “Open Plugin Store
  • Search for “Audit” and you’ll find two different plugins
  • Once you pick the one of your choice and click install
  • Once you install, close the plugin window, then click on plugin tab
  • Now search of the plugin (In my case i installed “Audit History Extractor”)
  • Then click on “Get Entity
  • Then either make your own Fetch XML or pick the entity from the list

More information about that plugin can be found here

If you are you using Online version, then you can use the above steps. But if you are using On-premises version, then it is a lot easier. You can directly login to database and directly search on the database

select * from AuditBase where userid = ‘<System user ID>’

Please remember Microsoft is deprecating Auditing and replacing it with  Activity Logging. More information

I hope this helps. But if you have any questions please feel free to drop a note in the comments session.

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